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Radisson SAS Hotel
Calea Victoriei 63-81, Sector 1,
Bucharest 010065, Romania
Opening 2008

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About us. 

Over 14 years experience providing support and tailored services to an impressive number of jobseekers and customers running small business up to customers with a major presence in their market, including local brands & international chain hotels at 4-5 stars and luxury fine dining restaurants.

For jobseekers we have an excellent career development package of services, at every level, every department and for every type of organizations. Those interested in starting a job or for a career development are pleased asked to send their application

For employers we provide a wide range of HR solutions and Consultancy services to every type of organizations within hospitality sector: Consultancy,  Hotel Openings & Marketing campaigns, Recruitment & Selection, Advertised Selection, Employment Agency, Retained search, Executive search, Contingency search, Relief staff, Immigration and Work Permits and the list is not complete; you can freely write us and ask more details about any program.

Our Team.

Internal and external consultants, with psychology, sociology, economics, law, field industry education and experience background - working together as a team animated by the same values and passion to deliver the services you expect for. We are conducted by high ethical principles based on confidentiality, honesty and totally dedication to any project.

We believe worth to invest into a long last relationship! Acting as your partner, your guide and confident, we think we can offer you the services you expect for.

Our promises, core principles

We believe worth to invest into a long last relationship! Acting as your partner, your guide and confident, we constantly invest our resources and develop our services to grow together with you.

We will treat you, customer or applicant, as being the first partner!

Closeby you to help you succeed and reach the targets established for short, medium and long term!

We do not rest till the market has been comprehensively researched to select you the most suitable applicant! We will only recommend applicants that we believe to be totally suited to the position and that sometimes means sending nobody.

Compliance with laws and regulations - it is important that laws and regulations that affect our businesses are followed, not just because they are laws, but because it is a also a good business sense.

Values - Code of ethics

Our actions define US! This why every PROJECT should be unfolded in accordance with our company core values and ethics.

CONFIDENTIALITY; every information received from customers, applicants, partners are strictly confidential and will not be use without their agreement

We are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY company; ; our policy is to ensure every customer, partner, applicant and team member is treated with respect and consideration on the grounds of sex, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age, colour, religion, gender, political affiliation, nationality or ethnics or national origins.

We act only in the interest of our clients - Every team member is CLIENT ORIENTED

IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE our strategy is to be objective during the entire recruitment process; together with classic recruitment tool we are using modern recruitment techniques to eliminate subjectivism.