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Recruitment procedure

... an accurate match to your recruitment needs ...

Internal and external consultants, with psychology, sociology, economics, law, field industry education and experience background will assist you in the process of IDENTIFYING the applicant who is matching your company organization personnel needs.

Using the right recruitment tools, method and TAILORED recruiting solutions for every assignment.

Evaluating every applicant competences, achievements, role within his past employments, personality, behaviour, et PRIOR to any assignment, we will be able to reduce the time between the first stage to the last one.

Profiling, Analyzing, Understanding

As soon as a genuine vacancy is submitted we will focus to assess the client requirements. We will take into account:

- the client profile: type of company, organizational culture, current position on the market, future targets and strategic objectives. \
- job profile: position within the organization chart, objective, job role, responsibilities, work activities, work context, work style and work values.
- applicant profile: establishing the right qualifications, competences, skills, abilities and structured according with essential, desirable, etc




Recruitment methods and tools

Identifying the recruitment methods and tools is a must.

The level of each assignment, the time limit, the industries shortage is relevant to focus from the beginning to the right searching channels, methods and recruitment tools. We provide tailored made solution to each assignment

Internal search (search our extensive data base) together with an advertised campaign (to allow us to have contacts with possible applicants which never registered) and, if necessary, executive search will be used to assure clients we will attract those who are the most valuable on the market.

Attract and retain

Investing time in understanding the client needs will help us to develop effective communication tools to reach, attract and retain the best applicants.

Providing to every applicant apart all relevant information’s (about client profile, job profile, salary package and benefits, etc), exempt those confidential, in a way of a fully transparency methods during the entire recruitment process, will help us to attract those motivated by the client offer;

Retain them because our high ethical principles, our working style, our objective selection methods, our portfolio...

It’s really a pleasure to work with us!


Evaluation & selection

Classic and modern tools, interviews, questionnaires, battery tests will be used in the selection process to evaluate the applicant required skills, competences and abilities in such way to MATCH the applicant experience (in the same type of organization, in the same industry and position), knowledge’s, performance, personality, aptitudes, behavior etc with the client organization needs.